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Assistant Principal's Corner

Assistant Principal: Jim Helmen

Contact Info:

Phone: (503) 728-2146 ext. 2260

Below are files to help support your student's time spent at CMHS.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.



  • Note of the Month - Acceptable attendance is 90-94% and good attendance is 95% or better. A general rule of thumb is to ensure your child does not miss more than 2 days of school in one month. 
  1. Absences and Excuses 
  2. Behavior Incidents Flowchart 
  3. Behavior Management Matrix 
  4. Dress Code 
  5. Electronic Devices
  6. Incidents and Interventions
  7. Overview of Behavior Management
  8. Parking Permits
  9. Tardy for Class
  10. Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol
  11. Unprepared For Class