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Breakfast/Lunch Menu

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 Breakfast/Lunch Prices

Item                Breakfast                       Lunch          
Reduced   FREE FREE
Student $1.75 $3.00
Adult $2.75 $4.25
Extra Milk $.50 $.50


 Online application for Free or Reduced meals-Oregon Department of Education 


   Meal Time On-line is Available at CMHS!

  Benefits of creating an account:

  •  Check your child's account
  •  Receive low balance e-mail messages
  •  Make payments to your students account online

It is free to check your student's account and to receive a low balance e-mail.  There will be a service fee when you make a payment online. Payments can still be made with no charge at your student's  school.  Money put into your students account will be available the next day.

To Create an account you will need your students Synergy ID Number

listed on your student's grade report. 

To sign up or view your account go to:

If you have questions, please contact:

Roxane Wilcoxen at (503) 728-0587 ext. 2004 or Linda Sherman at (503) 728-2146 ext. 2211




Oregon State University Food Hero Website - Budget, plan and create healthy and tasty meals.


Effective for the 2015/16 school year, breakfast and lunch will be accessible at no charge to students who qualify for reduced price lunches.  The Oregon legislature has provided funding to eliminate the reduced price payment for School Breakfast.